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Who We Are

Gurugram is one of the fastest-growing cities in north India. Fast-paced development has led to several issues concerning sustainability and governance.

Gurgaon First is an initiative for positive change focused on issues relating to sustainability, good governance women safety and empowerment in Gurugram. Launched in 2012, the initiative aims to highlight issues, suggest solutions, and showcase progress in an effort to improve both the living and working experiences of citizens in the city of Gurugram through conferences/conclaves/ workshops as well as research/publishing. Specifically, some issues that we focus on are smart and sustainable city, sustainable transportation, water and waste management, electricity management, solar energy, green buildings, eco-green initiatives, improving city governance, women’s safety and youth empowerment.

What We Do


Workshops on Roof Top Solar Adoption, Waste Management, Women Safety & Empowerment


We've published 4 Researches and Handbooks on key topics including Civil Society Directory


We engage with stakeholder bodies, CSO and agencies to being about Social Awareness

Shubhra Puri

Founder, Gurgaon First

Ms Puri has been writing extensively with  media and journals. Since October 2018,  she has been writing with Hindustan Times (Gurugram Edition) under the column “Human Impact” on key issues concerning Gurugram. She has also written for Times of India,  Down to Earth and other prestigious publications.

Impact Stories

It was a humid morning with overhanging clouds. I was on my way to the park in my colony, when I saw Tulsi dragging his tricycle and bringing it to a stop in front of our 4-floor apartment house from where he had to collect solid waste and take it to the Dalao. I asked him in Hindi through my mask ‘Namaste Tulsi, how is everything going?’ ‘Are you able to do the waste

Making waste management a way of life

Until the start of this decade, most of us lived in denial as far as waste was concerned.  As long as our homes were kept clean, we really did not care where our waste went. Waste for us had no value and its management was the task of the authorities. This mindset has now changed

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Apex body needs to spruce up

Any urban local body has a lot to contribute to a city’s liveability.  Last few days, several developments have once again put the spotlight on Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG). The latest was the news of takeover of eight colonies by the corporation from private builders. This means that all services such as road, sewerage,

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Covid-19: Hope for a better world

As the world grapples to fight the Covid-19 virus, most of us are hunkereddown at homes in a lockdown to help break the circuit of infections andthus enable our governments to deal more effectively with the medicalcrisis at hand. Like anybody else, I am too passing this phase through mixedemotions of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and

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