The team of 12 doctors that are leading the Corona fight medically under the leadership of Dr Punia, Chief Medical officer, Gurugram need to be celebrated. Be it running the five quarantine centres with 100 plus people, managing over 33 mobile teams for city, peripheral areas and separately for night, readying three dedicated Covid Hospitals, leading sampling and surveillance teams, and ensuring rapid testing facilities are available immediately, they are doing their job with great passion and grit. Life is tough. Separated from families- either self-quarantined or staying at PWD Rest House- and round-the-clock meetings, coordination and fire-fighting is an integral part of their every day life.

Dr Anuj Garg who has temporarily moved to the first floor of his house in Sector 9A Gurugram, hasn’t spend time with his 10-year old son for over a month now. He makes up for it through video calls. Back from work, he cleans, washes and bathes to maintain hygiene and gets food in disposable dishes. Some other doctors have left families in relatives’ places. Mr Punia’s wife and children are away in Sonepat. Talking about the camaraderie between doctors and district administration, Dr Garg says, “We all are like one big family ever ready to co-operate with each other at any hour.” Hats off to these brave team of doctors!!

Dr Punia, Dr Anuj Garg, Dr M P Singh, Dr Jai Prakash, Dr Anil Gupta, Dr Vineet Yadav, Dr Shubha Garg, Dr Sunita Rathee, Dr Manjeet, Dr Ram Prakash, Dr Kiran meet and Dr Vijay Kumar, along with Dr Shashi and Dr Renuka.  

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