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The team of 12 doctors that are leading the Corona fight medically under the leadership of Dr Punia, Chief Medical officer, Gurugram need to be celebrated. Be it running the five quarantine centres with 100 plus people, managing over 33 mobile teams for city, peripheral areas and separately for night, readying three dedicated Covid Hospitals,

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#Coronawarriors – Prerit Rana

The moment he decided to plunge in to the #coronacrisis, 38 year old Prerit Rana CEO, Agrasar asked his wife to move with their three daughters to her mother’s place. That happened two weeks ago. Since then, he and his team of 70 odd volunteers (“Agrasar Sathis”) have been providing rations and cooked meals to

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Gurugram Fights Corona Virus

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease characterised by acute respiratory disorder. The disease was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan in China. It has since spread globally as a pandemic by World Health Organisation in March 11, 2020. The worst affected countries have been USA, Italy, Spain, UK and Iran. The virus is mainly

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Reviving water bodies finally picks up

Gurgaon experienced an unusually wet winter this time. Rain gods obliged and the city had decent rainfall that helped reduce pollution somewhat. Hopefully, all the rain water did not run off and some did percolate down to raise the ground water level. Had there been enough means to store this water in the city, it

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