We Strive for Sustainability, Good governance, Women safety and Empowerment

Gurgaon First is an initiative for positive change

Who We Are

Gurugram is one of the fastest-growing cities in north India. Fast-paced development has led to several issues concerning sustainability and governance.

Gurgaon First is an initiative for positive change focused on issues relating to sustainability, good governance women safety and empowerment in Gurugram. Launched in 2012, the initiative aims to highlight issues, suggest solutions, and showcase progress in an effort to improve both the living and working experiences of citizens in the city of Gurugram through conferences/conclaves/ workshops as well as research/publishing. Specifically, some issues that we focus on are Smart and Sustainable City, Sustainable Transportation, Water and Waste Management, Electricity Management, Solar Energy, Green Buildings, Eco-green Initiatives, Improving city Governance, Women’s Safety and Youth Empowerment.

Our Approach

— Our Vision

To establish a Sustainable, Empowered and Inclusive Gurugram.

— Our Mission

To become a credible source of information, expert opinion and research house for Gurugram through conducting relevant workshops and research initiatives in the area of Sustainability, Good Governance and Women Safety.

Our Story & Journey

The idea of starting Gurgaon First came to Shubhra when in 2012 the municipal corporators were being elected in Gurugram. There was excitement in the air as it was hoped then that governance would get decentralised and the third tier of governance would pass on to the elected representative who would help develop Gurgaon to the next level.  On the other hand, Gurgaon was fast-developing in to a real estate, industrial and corporate hub but in a highly ad-hoc and unsustainable way. The haphazard development was taking a toll on the city’s natural resources- the city’s traditional water reservoirs and lakes had become garbage dumps, its forest cover was under constant threat, air quality levels were falling, its roads couldn’t handle the growing traffic, and it was certainly not developing as an inclusive city. Besides, there was a need to voice the concerns of all the changing stakeholders of the city so that the city can be developed in a balanced way with sustainability right at the centre of the strategy. 

The initiative has helped improve awareness about many issues in the city including waste segregation, eco green initiatives, water conservation, non-motorised transport, solar installation, encouraging green buildings as well as women safety in public and work places. It has helped launch “Haryana Fresh” that brought farmers and consumers in direct touch with each other. The team of “Raahgiri” met at GF’s traffic workshop and conceptualised the idea of reclaiming roads as places for walking and cycling. GF also helped launch a women safety helpline called “Damini” in Gurgaon. 

Shubhra believes in positive action, collaboration as well as working jointly with all stakeholders particularly with authorities for common good. She feels that there is a strong need for “facilitators” and catalyst in all cities such as Gurgaon First that can act as a common platform and springboard for all stakeholders to feel that they have a voice in city’s development agenda. 

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